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Gameplay The Legend of Lorosity brings back traditional turned based rpg inspired from classic jrpg. It features the following · Traditional Random Enemy Encounters · Each Character has unique skills. · Crystal Magic System for character to get an extra edge in battle. · Defend and Defend Boost. We will get more detailed into the mechanics later.


 Arrow Keys Up,Down,Left,Right:    Controls Character

 Shift Key, or A:   Makes the Character Sprint 

 Z:  Confirms X Cancels/Opens Party Menu

 S: Switch Character(In Battle) 

Alpha Demo Level Cap is 5 Bandit King Jaka Can cause bleed(currently in Alpha build no item heals bleed) if the character dies that is bleeding the status effect will be removed.

Known Bugs For Early Alpha Build 1.

Character Lumeya when defending will not reset animation after her time bar recovers until it is her turn again. 

 2. Character will do their escape animation when escaping battle even after they are dead. 

 3. Attack Power/Damage output sometimes resets to 0 (may notice magic will sometimes take 0) 

 4. Rare instances of magic missing (need to make it so that magic cannot miss at all)

 5. Rare instance of critical attacks missing ( will do the same for magic) 

 6. Battle encounters may happen(rarely) when talking to the second brother in the alpha demo if this happens, may need to restart the game as it may glitch in a loop. 

 7. Layers for players and enemies will be corrected for the next demo which will have an actual section from the game. 

 8. Sound Effects will be adjusted 

 9. General grammar errors. "some dialogue will be spelled wrong on purpose to go with characters personality" 

 If you have any feed back please give them we are eager to hear what you have to say about the game. Feel free to make any playthrough/commentary videos on it as well ^__^.

 Also let us know how the game runs on your system. We ran across some instances where the game ran slow but so far this has only happend on one computer.

Install instructions

To install the game, unzip the rar file, and install exe file.


Legend Of Lorosity Public Alpha Demo.rar 117 MB

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